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A high temperature dried Lucerne that is chopped to provide scratch factor and structure to the diet without reducing nutrient density.


  • High in quality effective structural fibre.  It improves rumen function and provides a floating mat in the rumen.
  • 88% dry matter, which stimulates dry matter intake.
  • Provides the scratch factor in the ration without reducing the nutrient density of bulk of the diet as straw does.
  • Helps increase saliva production, which contains high levels of natural bicarbonate to help buffer the rumen and reduce acidosis.
  • Consistently high in natural proteins.
  • Has a pH 6.5-7.  It helps buffer the rumen when feeding large amounts of cereals, maize silage, compounds, acidic or wet silages.
  • Has high levels of naturally occurring beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamins which aid fertility through stronger heats and more viable eggs being flushed.
  • Consistent and fully traceable; each bale is individually numbered.
  • Contains natural Biotin, which improves hoof quality.
  • Easy to handle and store – every tonne you buy gets fed, so there is no wastage.